anthology, 2015
anthology, 2015
released November 27, 2015
this anthology is a reflection of my past year; a year of sonic exploration and growth. this is not intended to be listened to as a cohesive piece of music, but more as a collection of sketches.

i've always released music haphazardly and without much intention. going into the new year i'd like to change that. "anthology, 2015" is my parting gift to you for the time being. the pressure of an ever-moving internet is a funny thing. i've put together almost an hour and a half of music in one place just so maybe i can take a step back from it all and really focus on what it is i'm trying to do here with this music stuff.

it's amazing what can happen in a year. i've had the pleasure of learning from and working with some truly exceptional people. i feel very fortunate for everything that's happened and i'm incredibly excited for what's next.

thanks to everyone who's kicked it with me, written me, played me in their cars, told their friends about me, partied to my music. it really means so much.

willy crooks
Artwork by Rosie Coates
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