i'll see u when i get there
i'll see u when i get there
released April 11, 2016
this project was developed over a few months in what amounted to about a weeks worth of sessions. it’s an exercise in nostalgia and an exploration of deep musical roots. it is intended to be viewed and listened to in it's entirety and the media has been arranged and blended seamlessly to reflect this. best listened to on late night drives or in the shower, stoned.

the video treatment was created by nyc based artist, mitch muscles. going hand-in-hand with the sampled nature of the music itself, mitch based the visuals around found-footage and sampling. 

the cover artwork and additional stills were shot by london based artist, rosie coates. rosie's artwork perfectly captures the hazy, sentimental feelings of the music and reflects a duality of isolation and closeness - a theme that i wanted to convey with this project.

i hope u enjoy.

willy crooks
Musical appearances by Cabu
Visuals by Mitch Muscles
Artwork by Rosie Coates
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