if i don't live forever
if i don't live forever
released May 8, 2017
when we die we become what we leave behind. after my father died, i started having conversations with his things. i sought guidance in the photos he took; saw his face in the books we kept; heard his voice in the records we spent all those nights listening to together.

for anyone who has had the misfortune of knowing death, you might know how isolating it can feel. there’s so much i have done — so much i hope i to do — that my father won’t be here for. i don’t believe in ghosts, but sometimes when i make music it feels like he can still hear me; like he still knows my life.

if i don’t live forever, i hope the things i leave behind speak well for the person i was.

this one is for you, dad. i’ll see you when i get there.


type 1 normal bias white cassette tape. this special edition is hand-numbered, limited to 30. side a: if i don’t live forever / side b: i'll see u when i get there. package includes download codes for both tapes. photography by rosie coates. designed by william crooks. cassettes by inner ocean records

i’m very excited to share “if i don’t live forever” with everyone. it's been a long time coming. i’d like to thank cabu, mitch, and rosie for being such a big part of this project. it wouldn’t be what it is without you three.

i hope u enjoy.

much love,
willy crooks
Musical appearances by Cabu
Visuals by Mitch Muscles
Artwork by Rosie Coates
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